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 Robert Newton Burrus
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Spouse Occupation Cause of Death of Spouse Age of Spouse at Death Where spouse went to school Date & Place of Marriage Date of Birth Date of Death Children Click here to see Children's Family Where Child went to school Occupation of Child Age of Child at death Cause of Death of Child
Robert Newton Burrus* Mary Lucinda Spencer* Thomas Spencer & Elvira Davis Spencer 12 children of Lee Hammond and Rachel Whitaker Burrus Housewife & raised chickens     Yadkin County Schools unk. 05 Jan 1862 03 Sep. 1924 (see below)   Surrry County Schools Farmer    62 Click for picture
Children: 5
Lester Burrus* (female) none    n/a    n/a n/a    n/a    n/a Surry County Schools none 18 Nov. 1884 16 Apr. 1902 none (died at age of 16   Surry County Schools n/a  16 Pneumonia
Romie Claire Burrus* Viola Burner*     Teacher       ? Surry County Schools unk. 10 Aug. 1888 07 Feb 1964 R. C., Woodrow, Richard, & Alma Mae   Surry County Schools Carpenter   76  
Creola Burrus* Harden Glenn Holyfield* Harden Holyfield & Amelia Walker Holyfield Raleigh, Amelia Walker, & Mattie Music Techer Heart Attack    ? Shenandoah Institute of Music, VA unk. 28 Feb. 1890 23 Aug. 1966 robert Harden and Evelyn   Surry County Schools Farmer & Rockford Post Master   76  
Alma Burrus* Raleigh Holyfield   Harden Holyfield and Amelia Walker Bronna, Harden, & Mattie Farmer and Merchant & Paymaster for (Cliffside Mills?)   Accident: fall, hit head on side walk Oak Ridge School Rockford Home Place of Child Mar 1897 unk. R. G., Mary Margaret, Catherine, Ted, & Joe     School Teacher    ?  
Robert Seymoir Burrus* Ora Lee Davis* Charles Bryon Davis and Molly Davis Fred, Carrie,  & Marthalene School Teacher    84 Stroke & Diabetes:  Davenport College & Greensboro College 24 May 1929 01 Dec.1899 29 May 1967 Tilden, Phil, & Mac   Surry County Schools Manager, Surry-Yadkin Electric, Dobson, NC; farming   67 Complication from Surgery to correct aneurysm of Aorta, Forsyth Hospital, W/S
*indicates buried Rockford Baptist Church Cemetery ** picture and/or article's) exists only